Very, very sad news: rumour has it that “When Marnie was there” might be Studio Ghibli’s last movie, ever. (╥_╥)

Let’s just have a moment of silence and think about it. I wonder how long it will take for another movie studio with similar style and succes to arise… But no one could ever replace Studio Ghibli.

Noo… TT__TT

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Let us all take a minute to talk about what’s happening with SM.

It’s seems that right after Kris filed it has been nothing but a series of unfortunate events for SM as a company.

It seems that whatever good news does come out of the company a string of bad follows right after.

Lay said they…

Oh my God I’m actually scared rn.. O__O

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smiler980 said: Hey ^^ I wanted to thank you abt your kris and exo post. You wrote everything that I wanted to say, I'm really happy there're still fans like you who support the twelve of exo and your post gave me hope. It's sad how without any official statement people are already giving up on kris. I think he's done enough for us to trust him and wait patiently for things to settle down. I don't care how long it's going to take i just want ot12 to be happy again.

Lol. When I saw I got a msg, I really thought it was gonna be a hater. Haha. I’m so glad with your comment, dear. It really means a lot to me. Like I said, it’s really nice to know you’re not alone. ‘Cause I know there are a lot of people who think like me…But it seems most of them don’t dare to stand up for what they believe. So I’m really glad I could help you ;)

To be honest, I don’t think Kris wants to come back to SMe (I don’t think he wants to leave EXO though, it’s just SM he has problems with), but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. As long as he’s an official member, I’ll pray for OT12. And if the day comes he leaves, EXO will for always stay OT12 to me. I’m just gonna have to support them seperately. But that doesn’t mean I’ll love them any less. 

Once again, thank you for your lovely comment ;) 

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Before you read this, please understand this is my own opinion. If there are things being said that upset you, I’m truly sorry. But as a human, I have the right to express my own feelings and thoughts. Thank you very much.

Lately there are a lot of things that upset me. I can’t even open my mouth anymore without receiving some anonymous hate comment in return.

As all of you may know…Things aren’t really going well with EXO and the fandom.

First of all, there’s Kris’ case. He filed a lawsuit to nullify his contract with the company, because he was treated badly by them.

As a fan I can totally understand why he did such thing. But I also still hope for him to return to EXO. Maybe, return is a bad word… A better word would be ‘stay’. ‘Cause fact is, that Kris is officially still a member of EXO, and that’ll stay like that until the day he wins the lawsuit or until SM nullifies his contract.

What really bothers me is that fans tend to forget or ignore that fact. People are losing hope or they’re choosing the easiest way out. They don’t want to get hurt even more, so they just give up on that matter and decide to “move on”. Well, I do understand why people act that way, but why would you waste your time “moving on” when it’s not even over yet?

It also bothers me that people just can’t accept that I both want what’s best for Kris and for EXO to stay as OT12. Why is it so hard to understand?! When I say this, most people react in a bad way. They think that I want EXO to have 12 members, no matter what. They think that I don’t even care if one of them is being treated badly, because of that. But that’s not true, not at all. What I want, is for SM to finally realize they are being dickheads, and they have been doing things wrong since forever. I want EXO to stay the same, but I want SM to change.

To be honest, right now I don’t even care if EXO disbands, or if they go on a hiatus, or if they became less successful than before…Or if there music became less exciting… What I truly want is for EXO to stay friends… Yes, I want them to be happy, I want them to be happy together.

This is my opinion. I do understand that there are many people who have other opinions. And I respect those. I totally understand why some fans are angry with Kris, or why others want OT11, or why others even stop being EXO stans and support Kris as a solo artist instead, …
I do understand, because I try to see the situation from different points of views. I truly understand why they think like that. And I must admit that many of their arguments are pretty valid. But I do stick with my own opinion… Yes, it is possible for someone to respect and understand someone’s opinion but to also disagree with it

But I also noticed many people see things in one way, and can’t handle the fact that others may think otherwise… And that’s why  I decide to make a post or a rant … And every time I do, I get angry comments in return… I’m getting tired of the fact that every time I post something I have to defend myself and keep repeating the fact that I truly respect other’s opinions

I make posts and rants for two reasons:
One of the reasons is, that I want to make people realize that it’s possible for people to have different opinions, and that all of those opinions can be right in a way.
Second reason is because I know that there are others who think like me, and I want to support them and let them know they are not alone.
I know some of you don’t know how to express their thoughts with words, or can’t really understand what exactly it is they feel or think. I know a lot of you don’t post their own opinions because they don’t think they matter, or they don’t want to receive hate comments, etc.
So that’s why I do post my point of view.
Not to anger those who think otherwise, but to support those who think alike.
I know how great it feels to know you’re not alone, even if it’s just one other person by your side.

Second subject that I’ll discuss is BaekYeon.

To be honest, I don’t believe they’re real.

There are too many reasons why I think like that…

The date seemed way too fake. There were pictures from every single angle possible… They were basically surrounded by an army of cameras. And it seemed those who took the pictures knew exactly where to be and when they should be there. Also…they seemed a bit uncomfortable…Taeyeon had to take the initiative and Baekhyun was super shy… They didn’t really kiss, but in one picture (the one taken through the black window) you see how Taeyeon just simply pecked his cheek. In the picture that would assume they’re kissing mouth to mouth…The lips are blocked by a part of the car… So nobody knows if they really kissed or not.
But the kiss shouldn’t matter… An actor is an actor.
There was also a person in the backseat…How romantic.
At some point in their date Taeyeon even stared in the camera.
They know it’s risky to date as a Kpop idol…But dating in a car…with the rooftop open is both reckless and dumbthey were asking for it.
It was as if they wanted to get caught.
Also the fact that SM confirmed the whole thing right away, makes me suspicious.

Many people say that they don’t believe that SM would do something like that, that they would never force a person to fake that they’re in love.. But I do.. It happens all the time.

If you’ve been a Kpop fan for a while…You should know that Kpop is an industry… Money is more important than the artists. It’s actually pretty naïve for people to think Entertainments aren’t as cruel as that.

Now for the Instagram pics… Of course it’s possible that the real intention was to secretly communicate with each other… But it’s also possible that those pictures were just similar by accident. There are thousands of other people who have Instagram pictures that look like theirs. The messages could coincidentally look like they were meant for each other. And for the bracelets… That doesn’t really prove anything. Many Kpop idols have the same bracelets. Does that mean they’re dating? No! Even in EXO there are members who receive the same jewelry from their fans. Another possibility is that SM forced them to do those things to “proof” that they are “really dating”.

Then we have their apologies. I don’t know…But to me…Something seems off… They just keep repeating that they are sorry and that they would never want to hurt their fans. It’s as if they are trying to let us know that all of this was against their own wishes.  Then we have the Taeyeon airport incident. I don’t exactly know what happened, but apparently Taeyeon was crying at an airport and told a Korean speaking fan to tell the other fans who came, how deeply sorry she is for what happened, and that there are certain things the company won’t let her say. They keep repeating time after time how important the fans are to them and that they never ever want to hurt them…And then they do the exact opposite. They are telling that they would never hurt us, but then they do reckless things anyways… Also, it is normal for an idol who is confirmed to be dating, to say that he or she is sorry that they upset the fans, but they’d also say that they are truly happy, and they hope the fans wish them the best and stuff like that… But they don’t… They don’t even mention each other or their relationship. To me, there are two possibilities; They aren’t really dating and they are both very sorry for upsetting their fans. Or maybe they are really dating (even though I think the whole BaekYeon thing is fake,  I do acknowledge the possibility that maybe they are really dating). If this was true, and if they are really in a relationship, I’d be mad.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because of the fact they are dating, but because of the fact that they are lying to us. They know that they would hurt many fans by dating each other, and then they do super reckless stuff. They didn’t even try to date in a subtle way. And then they have the guts to say they truly care about us and that they didn’t want to upset us.

Either way, I’m still gonna support them. I’m just not gonna support them as a couple. (I won’t hate them either).

Don’t call me delusional. I know that one day our idols will date and get married. I have no problem with that. I know I’ll probably will be upset, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I only want them to be happy. But I do have a problem with forcing people to do things and say things they don’t want to, or to upset people for no reason. What’s happening right now (and happened in the past, and will happen again in the future) is very cruel to both the fans and the idols.

Then we have all these other things happening.

I think SM is trying to get good attention after what happened to Kris. They realize Kris is gaining a lot of popularity in a very fast period. They are losing fans and money while Kris is gaining them. So now they are trying to win the money they lost back, but they are also trying to put the attention on something else than Kris’ situation.

Maybe, they thought that they’d gain a lot of good response by confirming the BaekYeon couple.. Or maybe they got paid a lot by selling the scandal to Dispatch.

The thing is, we will never know. If what I suspect is true, and if all of this turns out to be fake, SM would never ever admit that.

But I do think that in BaekYeon will break up in a while.

SM is also doing other things to gain positive attention, such as F(X) comeback, J-MIN album, debut of a new girl group, SNSD album, Henry comeback… and all of that in such a short time.
It’s just too obvious.

Many people tell me that SM can’t possibly be that evil; that they wouldn’t let their idols do things like that. But they are, and they would.
You can call me paranoid, but those who blindly believe everything  SM says,  are truly naïve.

SM knows they are important in some way. They are a big, and well-known company. Every person who is just a little bit fan of Kpop has at least heard of them. They can easily take advantage of that. It’s easy for them to spread lies, because they know most people will believe them, because of their authority and power.  They know they can easily manipulate others. And they use that.

I’m also very aware that a lot of the things Kpop idols say or do are scripted, or merely with the purpose of fanservice. But I see that there are a lot of fans who don’t even think twice when their idol or a company says something.

You have to realize that sometimes scandals are being sold to the media or reporters.

Like I said before; Kpop is an industry. The main purpose of it is gaining money. It’s even more important than the idols (at least to some of the Kpop companies).And yes, people can be cruel like that. It’s in fact very naïve of you to believe man-kind isn’t capable of doing such things.

Please understand that I’m not trying to convince you what I say is the truth. Because I don’t know the truth either (nobody does). I just want to express my own opinion to support people who think alike, and to enlighten people who have doubts.

This is how I see things. I know there are people who think otherwise, and I have no problem with that. Please respect that this is just my opinion. I don’t want to upset anyone.

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Some people are calling me names, and saying I don’t deserve to be Kris’ fan because I still believe in OT12 and I still want Kris to stay in EXO.
They say I’m selfish and I don’t care about his luck.

Well…Maybe I’m a little bit selfish, I admit that, but I do care, a lot.
I only want what’s best for him, but why is it so hard to understand that I both want EXO to stay OT12 and for Kris all of them to be happy.

That really bothers me.

People have no hope in each other anymore.

Why is it that nobody believes that if SM finally changes in a good way, things don’t have to end up like this.

Everybody seems to pick the easiest way, but maybe…the hardest way is the best way??

(Like I said many times before.. I do respect people who have other opinions, but I’m not calling you names or anything…Why is it so hard to accept the fact that people can have different opinions, and that they all can be right in some way.)

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respect my opinion, I respect yours.

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trying to seduce your teacher into letting you answer the question be like


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ive been laughing at this disaster for 10 minutes, omg

That guy in the back who catches the girl though

"That guy in the back who catches the girl though”

im choKInG

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Made by me~ 

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This could be us but you playin [via]

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